Duo Firoze and Kaizad are one of the most prolific
and versatile music composers in the film industry

Gold Remi-Award Winner
14 Feature Film Credits
Globally renowned for their work on “Super K” and “The huntress: Rune of the dead” and now the hit Indian Television Cartoon Series “Spongebob Square Pants”(also called Bollywood Bob) on Nickelodeon Channel & “Eena Meena Deeka” on Cartoon Network Channel, Firoze and Kaizad are a Stylistically and musically inventive orchestration duo.
Their First big film break came in 2009 with an offer to score a theatrical 3-D animation movie “Bal Ganesh 2″ & ” Ghatothkach 2″. With the success of this movie under their belt, they went on to work on another theatrical 3-D animation Movie “Super K” which was released World-Wide on 11-11-2011. By then, Firoze and Kaizad had already got their hands onto several Animated Cartoon Series like “The Adventures of Sindbad” and “Hatim Sultan”. The media industry responded to their talent and were asked to score music for Advertisements(T.V Commercials) for top notch brands like 7up, Blue Mineral Water, Avon Cycles, Maria Day Tea, L.I.C and many more.
Although Firoze and Kaizad were widely known in the industry for their orchestration skills, western classical knowledge as well as hybrid music, they got their recognition in the other countries on their big win of the Gold Remi-Award in Houston, Texas for the Best Original Music Score for the film “Patiently Faithful”. Remi-Awards being one of the Oldest film festival previously awarded to celebrities like Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott , brought them to score Several Live-Action movies for companies across America.
From then on, Firoze and Kaizad Continued their musical escapade working on all the films of the Multi-Award Winning director “Harley Wallen” which received stellar responses in the Theatres. The Duo hit another Milestone in their careers for being called upon to work on three Animation Series for “Netflix” .
Firoze and Kaizad have a team of professional Sound Designers and a Sound Engineer from Los Angeles & London, thus handling the ENTIRE audio-post production ( includes Music scoring, Foley Sound effects, Sound Designing, Mixing and Mastering in 5.1 Surround sound as well as Stereo) for all their projects under ONE-ROOF.
The Resonant lush orchestral score of “United Colors of Bennett’s Song” starring the famous “Tara Reid” from American Pie; the spine-tingling score for “Abstruse” starring Hollywood actors like Tom Sizemore(from movies like Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down) and Dennis Haskins; to the heart-pounding Jungle Rhythms of “Scapegoat ” are all evidence of their versatility and willingness to experiment.
Kaizad is also known for his Live performances in concerts as a pianist around the city. Out of many other performances, the Live-performance of the their very own music “The Flower Kingdom Theme” which is scored for the Animated Movie “Vishaak” received tremendous appreciation from a different class of audience.
Being very adaptive to all kinds of different genres, Firoze and Kaizad are called on to score the most dissonant orchestral music for a Horror Movie on one hand and on the other hand¬† collaborate for songs with the very famous Singer “Amanda Cole” (The lead Singer of the famous band “En Vogue”) who has shared the stage with the Late King of Pop Michael Jackson as well as Whitney Houston.
In their ongoing, decade-long career as music Composers, Firoze and Kaizad have blazed a trail with their remarkable Orchestral and Cinematic Scores along with the Entire Audio Post Production with their team. Their Efforts have been recognized across Several Countries.
The music composed by Firoze and Kaizad for films can enhance the viewer’s experience while also conveying a classical and melodic sensitivity and introducing contemporary tones and emotions. The deeply varied portfolio of films they have composed music for, along with their international music career, reflect their commitment to composing pieces that celebrate and embrace diversity.

An Interview with Kaizad Patel, Soundtrack Composer and Sound Designer